Our Restorations

Fixed Restorations


  • Strength
  • Wear-compatibility
  • Bio-compatibility
  • Excellent margin adaptation
  • Natural translucency
  • Supreme esthetics

IPS e.max™ is a leading-edge fixed restoration, composed both of Lithium-Disilicate and Zirconium Oxide, e.max™ offers supreme esthetic, versatility and strength. IDA is known for our advanced skills in crafting all-ceramic restorations. With e.max™ becoming the alternative to PFM's, we strive to give your patients the best as our technicians are continuously finding ways to enhance e.max™ to its best esthetic result.


  • Natural enamel-like translucency
  • Metal free Bio-compatibility
  • Exceptional Strength
  • No fluctuation in metal prices
  • Natural looking esthetics

IDA's BruxZi Ultimate offers highly esthetic, functional and durable full zirconia restorations. Similar to e.Max lithium disilicate but 30% stronger. Indicated uses are single anterior/posteriors and up to 3 unit bridges.


  • Metal free Bio-compatibility
  • Exceptional Strength
  • No fluctuation in metal prices
  • Bruxer patients
  • Natural looking esthetics

At IDA we utilize the strongest translucent zirconia for our Full-Contour Bruxzi Restorations. In today's market full zirconia crowns have become a way of restoring traditionally what we would have done with PFM's or full cast restorations. Our technicians take extreme care to ensure that IDA's Bruxzi crowns provide your patients with enhanced quality and beautiful natural esthetics.


  • Durability
  • Natural- looking internal characteristics
  • Versatile
  • Long span bridges
  • Precision combination cases
  • Enhanced esthetics

At IDA we take pride in our PFM crowns which is the foundation of dental restoration. With all-ceramic options becoming the number one choice we still have needs such as long span bridges, implant restorations, and precision attachment cases to continue to provide to you and your patients. IDA utilizes non-precious or high noble alloys to accommodate your metal of choice.


IDA's PFM ONE is an economical PFM with Base Alloy made with a dentin-incisal porcelain that provides you with a great option for your standard single unit crowns and bridges, and has beautiful esthetics and predictable results.


IDA utilizes Atlantis Cad/Cam Abutments as well as many others to provide you with natural looking implant restorations. We want to give your patients the best emergence profile and tissue management as well as superior esthetics and excellent stability. Our technicians at IDA are trained in all Implant systems available.


  • Performance
  • Superb fit
  • Long Lasting
  • Functional success

Gold has long been a proven and preferred choice because of its longevity and functional success. IDA continues to provide full gold restorations with various alloys to give you and your patients the gold restorations that have a tradition of long-term clinical success.


  • Treatment planning for cosmetics
  • Tissue Management
  • Durability short term
  • Reduce chair time

IDA takes special care in treatment planning when it comes to highly involved cosmetic cases for tissue management as well as esthetics and function. Our Image temps and diagnostic waxups are precisely done by highly trained technicians to ensure the outcome of the final restoration and the expectations of your patient are a complete success.

Removable Restorations


  • IVOCAP Processed
  • High Bio-compatibility
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Functional Success

Complete dentures are a viable option for patients that are not candidates for implant-based alternatives. IDA features high performance Ivocap base materials and a range of denture teeth options. IDA’s complete dentures offer functional alternatives that are both durable and esthetic for your patients. We take pride in offering complete dentures that provide function, stability, retention, and natural esthetics for each patient.


  • Materials: Duraflex, Visiclear, FRS
  • Improved Comfort
  • Adjustability
  • High Bio-compatibility
  • Natural Esthetics
  • Reduced Chair Time

With IDA’s flexible partial options you can design a removable partial to fit your patients’ needs. Whether it’s an all Duraflex partial or a metal combination with Visiclear or Duraflex clasps, we provide you with great consistent esthetic results. FRS is available as well either for all full flexible partials or in conjunction with metal frameworks or acrylic based partials. IDA’s flexible options have been proven to be consistent and esthetic to give your patients the best.


  • Functional Success
  • Exceptional Fit
  • Strength
  • Support
  • Natural esthetics

IDA utilizes the most up to date technology fabricating hybrid overdentures and locator/bar retained overdentures starting from the early stage of treatment planning. Such things as Cad/Cam Bars , Fiber Force mesh, Perma mesh along with Phonares II denture teeth and Ivocap processing gives you and your patients an overdenture that can leave your patient feeling extremely satisfied. Feelings they have not had since natural dentition was lost. We take extreme pride in our treatment planning and chairside assistance as needed to ensure timely and efficient delivery of these cases.


  • Ease of adjustment
  • Prevent natural tooth shift
  • Functional Success
  • Consistent Fits
  • Vitallium Alloy

IDA utilizes cast partials in many different ways in today’s market. Traditional metal clasps are still prevalent but with esthetics becoming more and more a demand we are combining metal base frameworks with flexible clasping as well as the traditional precision attachments that are done in conjunction with our fixed department. We take pride in the communication we have in-house to ensure that our combination cases are handled and designed masterfully from start to finish.


  • Strength
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Heat and Seat Technology

IDA provides you with the best option on the market, for your bite splint/night guard needs, with Keysplint.  This product has proven great results and will give you a more precise, strong and ultimate protection for natural/prosthetic teeth. Keysplint offers a thermoplastic material that is easily cleaned by your patient and easy heat/seat technology. These night guards/splints are printed and proven to be equal to or more than the average longevity of traditional appliances.